Hottest Game for Your Home: Shuffleboard!!

It’s amazing how things that are old are new again….like Shuffleboard!  Shuffleboard is a table game that has been gaining in popularity for about 5 years now with increased interest from all ages.  One of the key factors about shuffleboard that appeals to homeowners is that any age can play, from toddlers to grandparents alike.  The game is quick and easy so it keeps any level of players’ attention as well.  The game goes to a total score of either 15 or 21 points.  It is played with 2 people at a time that take turns showing off their puck-handling skills! 

Due to shuffleboard’s popularity the options that now exist are fabulous!  Shuffleboards come in sizes ranging from 9’ up to 22’ but the most popular sizes are between 12’ – 16’ for the home.  Although a shuffleboard table is very long by design, it doesn’t actually take up that much space since they are often placed against a wall.  The optimal space requirement around a shuffleboard table is 3’ on either end but you could easily get away with 2’ if you had to!

The other improvement with shuffleboard tables has been the cabinetry that houses the boards!  You can get something that looks like the nicest piece of furniture in your home with carved legs and beautiful finishes.  You can even find shuffleboard tables that are rustic looking or very modern!  One of the more innovative shuffleboard tables out there is a modern one that couples as a conference table….that’s certainly an exciting way to spruce up any office.   

Caring for a shuffleboard table is rather simple.  You want to clean it off with the appropriate table spray and brush (many of which come with shuffleboards today).  Then you spray the whole playfield with silicone.  Allow the silicone to dry (takes about 1 minute) and then lightly and evenly apply your choice of shuffleboard wax (there are a variety of speeds available).  Then you reapply the silicone.  Most people don’t know to do this but it is a critical step to making your shuffleboard perform to its full potential! 

If you are thinking about adding fun to your home and are unsure as to what to do shuffleboards should be added to your short list! 

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