Ping Pong is the Most Played Sport in the World!

Just recently Ping Pong was noted as being the most tournament participant sport in the world with over 40,000,000 players!  It’s such an incredible game and is so much fun!!  It can also be crazy fast.  Did you know that a ping pong ball can travel up to 100 miles per hour?  It’s been said that a ping pong ball can rotate 130 times per second, that’s close to 8,000 rpm!!  No wonder the professionals have to play so far from the actual ping pong table itself!

One of the fastest growing segments of the population that are avid about the game of ping pong are teenagers, they just can’t seem to get enough!  High school clubs are popping up everywhere and some kids are qualifying for college scholarships too!   The average wage of a professional ping pong player is now up around $100,000/year!

As a reflection of the sport’s growth it has been highlighted in commercials, social media and various other forms of pop culture!  Another fun trend that has taken people by surprise are ping pong centered night clubs and bars…..what would be more fun than to go out and play a friendly game of ping pong with your friends or coworkers? 

Ping pong is a game for everyone!!


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