Why buy an American made pool table!?!?

Isn’t it a silly question to ask an American citizen why they should buy an American made product? 

Let’s face it it’s our obligation to support American manufacturing as much as we possibly can.  Sadly there are times when buying USA made products is simply not an option but the good news is that isn’t the case when looking to buy a pool table! 

There are some obvious and universal arguments about why one should consider buying products that are USA made such as the popular sentiment of job creation/preservation.  But, specifically in regard to pool tables there are a few key things that you should know before making your final decision:

  1. You may purchase an import product that comes with a decent warranty but if you do that, make sure you are actually buying from the manufacturer, not a distributor.  There are several brands of pool tables that offer strong warranties in writing but when it comes down to it, you may struggle getting what you need since they never made the item in the first place.  If you buy from an American manufacturer you are automatically given the reassurance that you will be serviced in the future since they have the capability to make pieces and parts on demand. 
  2. Raw Materials. Many import products show beautifully for the first couple of years you have it in your home but over time you may notice a yellow undertone coming through your finish that wasn’t there before.  This yellowing is a direct result of several import companies finishing process.  Most of them use a lower quality wood and in an effort to cover it up imperfections they actually paint the wood a yellow tone prior to applying the painted on stain.  It’s an effective finishing process for short term beauty but if you are hoping to have a gorgeous pool table for many years then lean toward an American made product.  With USA made pool tables you will actually know the exact wood species your table is going to made out of (instead of being given some fancy made up name that sounds exotic) and you can rest assured that your pool table will look amazing for generations, not just a couple of years.
  3. Make it Your Own. If you are going to invest in a pool table that is $4000 or more then shouldn’t you have the option to make it fit your space perfectly?  If you decide on buying an American made pool table you not only get to select your wood species (everything from maple and oak to cedar and solid walnut) but you also get to select your wood stain.  Many American manufacturers are even willing to do a custom finish just for you!  Additionally, you can personalize a pool table with diamond sights that compliment your room while showing off your passions. For example, you can have your family crest or initials carved into the genuine mother of pearl diamond sights!  Why not have fun when buying such a fun item for your family!?

This short list is just the beginning of this topic….buying American is something that we all have the obligation to at least take into consideration when making a purchase as significant as a pool table!


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