Would a Pool Table Fit My Room?

There are many guides to tell you what size of room you need for a pool table to fit comfortably but not many of them explain why it matters….allow Danny Vegh’s to shed some light on the subject!  Most pool tables are referred to as 8’ pool tables.  An 8’ pool table actually has one common measurement amongst all brands and models and that is the inside play surface measurement of 44” x 88”.

The outside measurement of a pool table is totally irrelevant because the stroking distance you need from the cushion of the pool table to the wall is around 5’.  In other words, no one is shooting a pool cue on the actual rail.  Billiards, more commonly referred to as pool, is a game of geometry therefore all pool tables will have a length that is double the width of the pool table. 

All you really need to know is the answer to this question “Do you have 5’ around from 44” x 88”?  If your answer is yes!  Then you can easily fit a pool table without any trouble.  If the answer is no!  Then we are here to help figure it out….smaller pool tables do exist and so do shorter cues for tight spots! 

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