Thinking about Adding a Bar to Your Home?

If you like to have friends around your house then adding a bar is a great way to add extra fun to your gathering!  Home bars come in all shapes and sizes today.  Some of the most common sizes include 72” or 92” in width.  And many of these bars offer a flexible piece that is called a return. 

A return is the piece of the bar that makes it into an L shape or a U shape, depending on how many of them you add!  A feature that is worthy of consideration would be a location big enough for a refrigerator.  Most refrigerator cavities measure around 25 1/2” w x 33 7/16” h x 22” d. 

It’s good advice to buy the bar first and then find a small refrigerator that fits the space allotted for it, instead of the other way around!  Many bars also come with adjustable shelves, stemware racks and even lockable liquor cabinets, important if there are minors in your home! 

Also don’t forget about the back-bar option!  If you are looking to store more stemware or even some more bottles this is an item worth considering!

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