Danny Vegh's First Annual PacMan Tournament

Danny Vegh's First Annual Pac Man Tournament

This year Danny Vegh's started a new annual tradition of a Pac Man tournament at all three of our Cleveland locations. We had 6 contestants who played their hearts out in a great tournament. Below are some pictures from the event and our winners! Want to participate next year? Visit one of our Danny Vegh's store 's to get added to our mailing list. 

2016 Pac Man Winners!

1st Place: Terry F.

2nd Place: Olivia J.

3rd Place: Abby W.


Thank You to our Tournament Contestants: 
Terry F.        10 years old
Alexis F.       9 years old
Olivia J.        10 years old
Abby W.        15 years old
Andrea G.     16 years old
Evan M.         17 years old 

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