Your Guide to Family Table Games

Are you looking to practice ping pong at home to aspire to be a champion like Danny Vegh? Were you looking to show your child your beloved college game of foosball to give them the excitement that you always enjoyed? Have your kids been asking you for an air hockey table to put in the basement because they got to play on one at the arcade? Well there are many things to look for when it comes to purchasing the perfect table game for your home!

Ping Pong

When purchasing a ping pong table it is extremely important to take into account the thickness of the playing surface. Thickness will affect topspin, backspin, and bounce of the ping pong ball. You also want a durable table. Make sure the legs are solid steel and provide a sturdy base for the table, but still allow for the table to be easily moved and folded.  Some retailers show their tables set up in the showroom but forget to mention that each piece has to be assembled on the table which could take several hours to complete. White glove delivery is always a key feature to look for which gives you access to have your table delivered and set up by professionals anywhere in your home!


Foosball is a very intense table game that can get extremely competitive. As a consumer you should be looking for a foosball cabinet that is at least 1” thick and has a laminate cabinet opposed to a particle or press board cabinet. The next things that you should consider are the materials that go into the play surface, rods, and the players. The rods should be made out of steel so they don’t bend very easily. Next is the playing surface, which most consumers overlook due to the fact that they are merely looking at the design.  Dead spots play a huge role in foosball and on the less expensive tables, dead spots will be more common. Lastly the players are the main feature of the table so you should always attempt to find out what they are made out of. On the better tables, you will find thermal plastic or rubberized players opposed to plastic players. When making your investment into a higher end table you should inquire if there is any type of warranty offered. On the better tables, there is usually a minimum one year warranty.

Air Hockey

The biggest concern when purchasing an air hockey table is the motor. You want to look for a blower motor. This motor puts out the most air flow making the gameplay smooth and enjoyable. The blower motor also has a much longer life expectancy than the traditional fan motor. Manufacturers will often offer replacement motors if needed. The next thing a consumer should look for is how the table is built. On great air hockey tables, you will find a steel or aluminum frame that offers a lifetime of durability. The weight of the table itself should also be a factor because usually it’s not only children playing on the table. A heavy duty frame with a reasonable amount of weight is the air hockey table you should be looking for. Home installation should be your last worry after purchasing your air hockey table. Once again, look for the white glove delivery option.

So the important things to consider when purchasing your favorite game table for the holidays are play-ability, durability, and installation.  The more costly the table game, the easier you can reach peace of mind. If you have any questions make sure you call our Indoor Game experts at 1-800-275-9404!

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