Danny Veghs White Glove Promise

 Danny Veghs White Glove Promise

When making a special purchase for your home, be it game room merchandise, patio furniture, theater seating, etc., not only is the selection of your purchase very important, but how the merchandise is then delivered to you should be just as imperative.

Danny Veghs has implemented the Danny Veghs White Glove Promise that is followed by our White Glove Installation Technicians.  Our crews have years of experience, a very high level of customer service and professionalism, and have been trained to follow the following steps in every installation appointment.

Before the appointment, each crew must make sure to have shoe booties, cleaning supplies, extra hardware, touch up pens/paint, a phone camera to take pictures of any warranty issues, a clean uniform, and a “white glove” in order to inspect cleanliness of the product after install. 

When greeting the customer, after introducing themselves, they are to inquire from the customer as to what the most important part of the install is for them.  They are then to assess the delivery route, room and spacing, in order to confirm the best placement of product.  The crews will then offer to wear booties or remove their shoes, they will also lay cardboard of blankets on the floor or walk-way if there is mud, sand, dirt, or any debris that may become an obstacle. 

During the install process, our team will invite the customer to observe the installation if they are interested.  After installing a pool table, they will perform a 16 point machinist level and will advise on important pool table care instructions. 

Finally, our crews will go through any check lists of important information the customer must know about their product, and they will inspect the merchandise with the white glove test to ensure all is cleanly and the merchandise is free of defects.  They make sure their work space is clean before departure.  If all is above customer satisfaction, they will obtain a signature from the customer stating such, and will prepare for their next delivery off-site. 

Danny Vegh's White Glove Service Team and Service Department holds the highest expectations for our product, our installation process, and our customers.  Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions regarding the Danny Vegh's White Glove Promise!  

Kimberly Zolkowski
Director of Customer Service
Danny Vegh’s Home Entertainment



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