9' Brunswick Pfister Antique

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Original 8' Antique Brunswick Pfister floor display.

Pfister, 4 leg model
From Page 7 of the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co., Catalog of 1898:

Design patented June 20, 1893.

The Pfister is a design which will at once appeal to the refined taste of good judges of artistic and mechanical excellence. It is modeled in a style singularly correct in every feature, while the perfect harmony shown in its gracefully sweeping lines and admirable contour will make it one of the most attractive adjuncts of private residences, prominent clubs, etc. This style is usually manufactured in antique oak or mahogany, but, when desired, can be made of any kind of wood.

The Pfister is also noticeable from the fact that the legs are constructed together with the two ends in one body. This is one of the best improvements produced by us and has met with very satisfactory results. The sides and heads are of the handsome Ogee style.

The construction of the head blocks of our tables is covered by letters-patent, the special feature being that greater stability is insured than can be found in tables of any other manufacturer. The mechanical construction and general design of some of our tables are copied, after a fashion, by various imitators, but they cannot and do not reach, even in the remotest degree, the recognized standard of perfection our tables have attained.

Furnished either as a carom or pool table, or both combined. All combination tables have our patent adjustable carom plugs with iron fastenings.

Carried in stock in 4 1/2' x 9' and 5' x 10' size.

All tables are shipped with Vermont slate bed from our own quarries, imported Simonis cloth, and the incomparable patent Monarch cushions.